Along with hormone replacement, we use amino acids as an HGH secretogogue that spikes your own Human Growth Hormone without the danger or side effects of injection of HGH itself. After the growth years, HGH becomes a tremendously effective repair hormone for the musculoskeletal, endocrine and nervous systems.  Lean muscle mass increases, as well as deeper sleep, higher energy, libido and improving skin elasticity.  A secretogogue is a medicine that stimulates your activated form of HGH by way of your liver, which was about to discard some of the best repair mechanisms humans come with. Why?  Because we used to be dead at 20, with no teeth and hopefully having reproduced.  The second (or third) half of our lives can be a bountiful, energetic, desirous and satisfying time!  Resetting your internal age back five, ten or twenty years can redefine middle age.  This brand new way of increasing HGH by way of amino acids is recommended by Dr. Mark Gordan.  Dr. Mark Gordan and HGH--Secretropin: A Growth Hormone Secretagogue