Just like your 'regular' doctor, a history, an examination and lab evaluations if needed are first.  Diagnosis before treatment sounds simple, but in conventional medicine often the diagnosis is passed over in favor of a standard treatment for the symptoms without a clear understanding of the mechanisms involved in the illness.  After examination and diagnosis, naturopathic medicine relies on natural interventions in physiological pathways to address acute and chronic illness without unnecessary pharmaceutical medicines. We believe that the healing power of nature is a potent force that the body has naturally and sometimes the best way to get well is to enhance those pathways by removing obstacles of lifestyle, habit, diet and the processes of the mind.

In Washington state, naturopaths are licensed in primary care, which means we are trained and licensed to be your family doctor. 

The scope of practice for ND's in WA includes prescriptive rights for all antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, muscle relaxants and other medications historically used by medical doctors.  Used in moderation and only when necessary, combined with natural medicines and a healthy dose of lifestyle modification (yes, that means diet and nutrition), WA naturopathic physicians can deliver the best of both worlds.

In my primary care practice we use primarily food medicine, physical medicine, evidence-based nutriceuticals, herbal and orthomolecular medicines (amino acids), internal focusing techniques, breathing and stress reduction.  Your deepest and most profound state of health is brought into focus.

No longer need your health care be split between ideologies.  Seattle Healing Arts is a collaborative practice of M.D.'s and N.D.'s. Co-treating between specialties is a favorite at Seattle Healing Arts, bringing vast years of experience from conventional and complementary medicine together for everyone's benefit.